Peter Parker

from by Conquering Rome



For the first time in my life
I realize that good friends
Are hard to find
I guess it’s safe to say
That I appreciate
Anyone not going out of their way
To throw slander at my name
Look how easy you go
Turning your back on me
Look how easy you go
Turning your back
Should I retaliate?
Just go and treat you the same way?
Like the time you
Turned your back on me
It can get hard waking up
Knowing that I carry weight
All from a past reputation
And I feel forced to be great
Tell me was I just a trophy
For you to place on a shelf
Go tell people that you know me
Though you don’t know me well
Were we overdue for going our separate ways?
I hope your new friends are there
When you’re feeling out of place
And are you content taking regret to your grave?
I could never compete with all the acceptance that you crave
You’ll make your mind up before I could have a chance to react
And once you turn your back on me, there’s no turning back


from To Put Aside A Grudge, released April 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Conquering Rome Virginia Beach, Virginia

Derived out of Virginia, Conquering Rome has toured as far west as Iowa, as far north as Buffalo NY, and as far south as Tampa, FL.

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