To Put Aside A Grudge

from by Conquering Rome



Before we knew it
All the time flew by and
The days turned into months
Forcing us to forget
The simple things like
How to keep in touch
How to tell someone you still care
To put aside a grudge
Takes a lot of guts
How am I supposed to feel?
When I’m numb and
I’m empty inside
Believe me I tried to change
Yeah I tried, and I tried, and I tried
I try to,
Break the bad habit
Of me holding a grudge
But every time I try to compromise
It’s never enough
You wanted me to feel defeated
With my face in the mud
The fact that brings you satisfaction
Just seems kind of messed up
I think it’s sad
You think you did nothing wrong
To try to prove a point
You went above and beyond
And now you hold a grudge
But tell me what was the cost?
A moral victory gained
For a friendship lost
Got to be strong
Got to move on
Can we forgive and forget?
Can we shut up just
long enough to settle differences?
Can we take the time
To hear each other out?
Can we take the time?
Can we take the time?
And if you feel alone
Well then you probably are
All the grudges that you hold
They start to pull you apart
So burn another bridge
That won’t get you very far
You will dig an early grave
Keeping all the hate in your heart


from To Put Aside A Grudge, released April 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Conquering Rome Virginia Beach, Virginia

Derived out of Virginia, Conquering Rome has toured as far west as Iowa, as far north as Buffalo NY, and as far south as Tampa, FL.

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